DETOXValencia Mini Retreat

The Ultimate Mental & Physical Wellness Weekend June 2018

We're excited to introduce the first Mental & Physical Wellness Retreat. You're invited to the birth place of the Paella. Situated on the banks of the Turia River lies the historic city of Valencia, Spain. 

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There are only 13 spaces available! This is an excellent opportunity to get away for the weekend and refresh your mind & body through our healthy breakfast & dinner menu, complemented with our morning & evening sessions.

These include Body Conditioning, Core Calisthenics, Pad Work and Deep Relax/Stretch. All of which are tailored to accommodate all ability levels. Absolute beginners welcome!


There are extra 1 to 1 training sessions available. Book direct with Caroline & James. Or a 1 hour massage session to unwind.






12pm - Arrival/Check In

12-3pm - 1 to 1/Massage

5pm - Welcome intro with Caroline & James

5:30-6:30pm - Body Conditioning

7:30pm - Dinner

9-9:30pm - Deep Relax/Stretch

10pm - Bed time!

8-9am - Body Conditioning

9:30am - Breakfast

10:30am - Free time!

11-1pm/2-4pm - 1 to 1/Massage

5:30-6:30pm - Pad Work

7:30pm - Dinner

9-9:30pm - Deep Relax/Stretch

10pm - Bed time!

8-9am - Core Calisthenics

9:30am - Breakfast

10:30am - Free time!

11-1pm/2-4pm - 1 to 1/Massage

5:30-6:30pm - Pad Work

7:30pm - Dinner

9-30pm - Deep Relax/Stretch

10pm - Bed time!

7:30-8am - Bye Bye Body Blitz!

8:30am - Breakfast

11am - Check out

1 to 1 training sessions to enhance your fitness progress are available.

book directly with Caroline & James.

The time slots available are -

Friday 12pm - 1pm - 2pm

Saturday 11am or 12pm / 1pm or 2pm

Sunday 11am or 12pm / 1pm or 2pm

You may book on the day subject to availability! Spaces will go fast!

1 hour massage sessions to loosen off and unwind can be arranged - These must be booked in advance.

Breakfast & Dinner are based on a vegetarian diet. All dietary needs are accommodated for.

We will confirm with you when booking!

What You Need To Bring!

✓Passport and flight tickets/online check-in confirmation 

✓Travel/holiday insurance 

✓Spending money in euros for extra treatments - transport - food/drink - purchases 

✓Comfortable shoes/sandals suitable for walking 

✓Flip flops or slip-on sandals 

✓Suitable clothing for the daytime and for your fitness sessions with James and Caroline 

✓Trainers for fitness sessions 

✓Swim wear

✓Water bottle

✓Sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat/scarf for your head

✓Insect repellent 

✓Any toiletries you require and any medication you may need

✓Water to keep you hydrated on transfer journeys 

✓Favourite dietary relevant snacks

✓Plug adapter and phone with alarm clock 

✓Good books/e-reader 


✓Chargers for your electronics

Further details will be included in your confirmation email.


For our 2018 Shared Occupancy


This includes -

Airport Transfers to & from the Villa

Breakfast & Dinner


✓Pool Access


All Classes

✓An Awesome Time!

For our 2018 Extras

Single Occupancy option available please enquire for further details

£150 non-refundable deposit to secure your place!

What's not included

✓Flights to & from Valencia

✓Travel to & from British Airport


✓1 to 1 Training


✓Activities in & around Valencia!*

*we can advise on different activities to do in the beautiful city of Valencia - Bike rides along the river, trips to the beach, exploring the markets.

Contact us for more information & to book!