The #1 Question I'm Asked About Online Training.

I get a bunch of good ones like "Will this help me lose weight too?" Or. "Can I play my own music during sessions?" Or my favourite - "Will I become like.. Batman?!"



Sure. Why not. But I ain't buying you the costume.


Looking at the #1 question. Here's what I get.


Is Online Better Than In House?


Depends on you. A better question is which is better for me. To answer that we ought to break down the unique components that Online Training offers, where face to face falls short.




A notable ball ache for in house training is scheduling a training slot. It isn't often that you'll get to pick and choose the perfect training time slots for you. Since the trainer will have limited availability. If they're worth their salt that is.


Online Training absolutely disintegrates this thorn in the side. When your trainer delivers your custom programme to you. You'll have complete autonomy over which gym you want to use, how long the sessions will be and at whichever time you want to choose.


That's a huge plus. A defining feature of Online Training has got to be flexibility.





Much cheaper. Let's take a direct comparison of my own pricing model and see how they stack up.


3 Months of in house training at twice per week equates to 24 sessions which individually cost £45. That equates to a £1,080 investment. A very smart investment at that!


3 Months of Online Training at anything up to five times per week equates to £450. That's just shy of a 60% saving for your hard earned dosh. With double or more the training sessions.


Cost wise, there's absolutely zero contest. 5 years ago, if you wanted to find a Strength Coach who is an expert in your specific needs (Martial Arts? Football? Fat Loss? Tennis? Olympic Lifting?) who charged this low for 4-5 times per week...


You'd be laughed at. Not anymore.




If you're already well versed in the fundamentals of getting out of bed, training, knowing your way around a gym, eating well and sleeping well. You could argue that you don't need someone to hold your hand.


As such, the necessity for face to face training is diminished. One of the key advantages of face to face training is the trainer can have a live and direct line of sight to your technique. When you're a total beginner, this is important.


However, looking at sport specific training. Being a martial artists means you're well past the stage of being a total beginner. So really you'd be looking for a refined solution with all the rough edges trimmed off. You just want to get straight to the meat and potatoes.


Online Training is exactly that. The main event fast tracked to your palm. You already know how to push, you just need the expert opinion on specific exercises, sets, tempos and technique.


Looking at this from another angle, you could call it a disadvantage in that you don't have a pair of expert eyes watching you in real time. There's a delay between you performing the exercise, uploading the video, sending it to your trainer, the trainer then analysing it and sending feedback.


Can you see why this is better for more experienced trainees over absolute beginners?





Choice is an enormous advantage. If you're looking for the best trainer for your needs in your local area. You might get lucky, or you probably won't. You'll have to settle.


Online? Whoever your heart desires. I'll give you some examples.


If I wanted to find a trainer who knows how to build incredible strength & physiques around being a full time dad over 40 years old, being trained by a well respected industry leader who has 15+ years of experience under their belt and pumps out EDM? - Hands down.


If I wanted an expert in shoulder care, who could help me work around difficult and persistent shoulder niggles, and improve my baseball performance 10 fold? A man who Co-founded Cressey Sports Performance and trains a plethora of the highest level baseball players in the world? - Hands down.


If I wanted to find an expert in youth football fitness to train my daughter, so she can really excel in the sport she loves? A trainer who is an authority on youth female football player strength and conditioning training? - Hands down.


I think you get the idea. You can get much more specific about the exact expert you're looking for when you venture online.


This is where I come in. There's nobody I currently know of who is tailoring their Online Training service towards point scoring martial artists. Think Taekwon-Do & Karate.


With over 16 years experience in this realm, I've developed a super sharp eye for the intricacies and advantages to be found for this demographic. When encompassing the benefits of strength and conditioning.


Think about it. You don't see a lot of tennis elbow in Taekwon-Do. That's no accident. What you do see a lot of is ankle, knee and hip deficiencies/injuries. As such, the focus is drawn towards getting martial artists to minimise the prevalence of said injuries through intelligent strength and conditioning programming.


Simultaneously, this boosts performance parameters.


Wrapping It Up


There's my answer.


That's it.


To learn more about how I take martial artists from awesome -> ridiculous, click Online Training in the header.

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