You Get Out Of It What You Put In.

July 23, 2018

An open letter to you, the struggling individual who only wishes to feel and look good in themselves.

I want to remind you why you're doing great, and that you should not be so hard on yourself.


If somebody suggested to me that today's world of speed and efficiency has decalibrated our sense of applying patience where patience is due, I'd say there's strong merit.


In light of the astonishing speed of which we can gain access to the things we want. Products via Amazon have free one day delivery, for example. Have you stopped to wonder just how absurd that accomplishment is both financially and logistically?


It's insane.


- The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.


Amazon have so much capital ($429 billion as of 2017) that they can just decimate the competition and plough them out of business. Even if it did cost them in net profit.


Because, they can. Assholes. :-)


We've got the internet, which gifts us access to pretty much anything within a week, should we have the funds to splash. Utilising Google to search it, probably Amazon to purchase (Amazon is Google's biggest customer, which is why you nearly always see an Amazon paid advertisement at the top of every search. They spent $158 million on Google Ads as of 2013) we can have whatever information or product we want in a heartbeat.


It's incredible. The same has happened to food (At a huge cost to consumer health) you can spend little to no time at all getting a bite to eat. Comparative to the days of growing your own food, prepping, cooking and eating.


The point is this.


There's no doubting our infatuation with optimisation and speed. When it comes to the things in life that we can't accelerate in terms of product delivery. We throw our toys out of the pram.


This couldn't be more true in the world of health and fitness.


We pour money into obtaining a mighty fine set of Abs for example. Sexy abdominals is the product.


Well, it usually isn't. We just think that having abs delivers the product we really want.


Confidence, self esteem and sex appeal. That's the product. But you and I both know we can't search for a bag of confidence on Google. Find the cheapest deal and get it delivered on Amazon. Whip it out of the box in 2 days and rub it all over us like some anti-ageing elixir and bosh.


Confidence, baby.



Whilst I'll save the topic of Having-the-body-of-your-dreams-won't-make-you-happy for another day. It's worth remembering this potent truth.


You're not your body.


Patience is a virtue.


Utilising a little bit of anecdotal/experience based evidence. (I've been in the training/coaching scope for over a decade) I'd argue the following.


Of all the people who start out on a fitness venture, I'd say 1 in 100 people will fall into all of the requirements necessary to make instant and gratifying progress from the word go.


I'm talkin' -


  • Perfect calories, macros, food choices.

  • On top of consistency demands.

  • Great starting technique with every exercise.

  • 3-5X per week of exercise.

  • Ideal sleep patterns.

  • Excellent time management.

  • Sound stress management.

  • High self-efficacy.

  • Unflappable self-belief.

  • Embraces failure.

  • You have no flexibility or mobility limitations.

  • No current injury.

  • No significant medical obstacles.

  • You have been exercising in some capacity for the previous 6-12 months.


Guy's and Gals. That's a lot to take on within a matter of a month or even 3. (Usually around the time when I get asked "Where's my progress then?") That's an immense learning curve especially if your cultural background and real world experiences haven't yet taught you how to take on so much.


If you've never tried your hand at fitness, or run your own business, and you're not individualistic and self creative by nature. It's gonna be hard. You've yet to learn what it means to be doggedly consistent.


You've yet to learn how to face, embrace and deal with failure.

You've yet to learn what it means to push your limits.

You've yet to learn how to process those mental spaces which scream at you to give up.

You've yet to learn how to literally plan, prep and cook some real food for yourself.

You've yet to learn how to manage your time more effectively, so you can put even more of yourself into life without becoming burnt out.

You've got to learn when to say no to things, because you'll stretch yourself thin.


You can't buy that in a package, delivered to you for free within a day, and you're good to go.


You need to get your bearings.


You also need to not be so god damn hard on yourself. Anything in the way of time devoted to improving yourself as an individual. Is a win.


You will get out of this what you put into it. Suffice it to say that it'll require much, much more than a quick Google search, click to buy and free delivery.


It'll require your heart and soul, your devotion and your belief to succeed. No matter the perceived obstacle.


Only then, does my part in this, become substantially more effective at delivering the goods. You can totally do this.

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