I like to approach deadlifts with a mindfulness of promoting excellent hip

hinge mechanics and general biomechanical health FIRST.


- Pick up your shoes? That's a deadlift.
- Pick up your grandmas shopping? That's a deadlift.
- Bend over to pick up your child? Yup, Deadlift.


Only many of us have lost connection with hingeing at the hips correctly and we wonder.. Why is my back is always hurting?


Radical stuff hey?


Anybody seen a toddler pick stuff up? They deadlift that bad boy off the group and it's immaculate technique.


If we can't load our hips properly in such basic low load situations, we have to ask ourselves. How does this transfer over to performance? We'd be missing out on a huge chunk of potential power and athleticism.


After all that, deadlifts as a bragging-rights tool? That comes a close second.


It would be ludicrous not to have some form of Hip Hinge training in every programme. I've yet to see somebody who would not benefit from it. Here's some variations to whet your appetite with.


- Sumo Deadlifts
- Jefferson Deadlifts
- Single Leg Deadlifts
- Romanian Deadlifts
- Dumbbell Deadlifts
- Kettlebell Swings
- Blindfolded Flaming Barbell Deadlifts


The important thing to note when selecting your variation deserves close attention.


"You don't fit a person to an exercise, you fit the exercise to the person."


Contraindication is important. I'd like to point out a few things.


Nobody needs to deadlift conventional, nobody needs to deadlift all the way from the floor. There is a plethora of mechanical and soft tissue function considerations. Which should lead you to the ideal starting point.




"I have the mechanical range of motion, the technique and the strength to maintain joint integrity for a conventional stance deadlift."


Jenine demonstrates an excellent example of a deadlift at nearly 1.5X body weight. I have attached a few photos with notes and I've thrown a video into the mix too.





Concentrating on your set up is 80% of the lift. Take your time to build tension up throughout the body before the main lift kicks in.


Snapping the tension on isn't healthy for the joints. It's indicative that you would benefit from knocking 5-10kg's off. Also, I can't stress enough, if your back rounds, it ain't a deadlift. You can't claim it. It'll mess your back up.


Please don't mess your back up, pleeeeease? Thanks :-) Forced deadlifts with a rounded back give me the eebie jeebies.


Here's the goods in action. Any questions? Let's hear it.



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