There's something a bit peculiar about that week between Christmas day and New Years day. Something of a ubiquitous, psychological black hole, where the collective consciousness seems to give very few f***s.


It's as if we can all feel each other across the nation.


We. eat. everything.


We literally turn off that guilt-o-meter for those 7 days and smash everything that comes within the radii of our outstretched arms.


Or is that just me?

Know what I say? Knock yourselves out. I know I do, I go balls out and just do whatever I want in lieu of my health and fitness goals. Which is somewhat tempting most of the time. Allegedly, the average caloric intake on Christmas Day is in the region of 6000kcals.


Six. Thousand.

That's just Christmas day. That doesn't include the shenanigans you get up to on the 24th, or the aforementioned 'Black Hole Week'.


My family have quite a good run at this time of year. My parents wedding anniversary is on the 23rd, then a birthday on the 24th, then Christmas Day is pretty special - My partner in crime has her birthday on the 25th ;-)


Then... 'Black Hole Week'


So, we have a pretty good time, if you catch my drift.

I say Black Hole Week with an ominous presence of eerie music. A week that looms over us, totally devouring our guilt mechanisms. It's like we suddenly lose the ability to even spell self control.


Here's the thing.


I'd be both ignorant and audacious to even suggest that you all be on your best behaviour during that week. Of course I'll encourage a degree of cognisance, but don't crucify yourselves. Because the chance to make a true difference has already passed you by.


What if I told you that you could go 100% all out during this week, and still keep your body & health in check?

Ah! Simple! (Simple doesn't mean easy!) Make sure that at least 80% of your year is geared towards progress, health, good food and lifting heavy things.


If you got back from Holiday in the Summer. With August through till Mid-December full of lacklustre food choices, lame sleep patterns, or extreme calorie deficits, inconsistent training, all peppered with about 3-4 coughs & colds -


Then you rock into that dirty, dark and filthy week of nutritional debauchery.


What do you think is going to happen?


Think about that when you evaluate your "New Year, New Me" resolutions :-)


I know that for me, that one week is the week where I just let myself go. I suffer from food-baby-itis for a week, then I go back to normal. I still have my strength. I can still sprint 100m without coughing up a lung. I can still see my abs.


It's everything leading up to those times that count.


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