How It's Done - Fat Loss

October 10, 2017

Achieving Fat Loss isn't a simple endeavour. For if it was we would all be losing fat with ease - Scratch that, we would probably have none to lose. I'd likely be out of a job.


Let's not be that good, shall we? :-)


Yes. It is complicated.


Yes. It is hard.


However, I'd be remiss not to point out that the majority of people make it much harder than it needs to be. Today I want to wrestle with the major cornerstones of achieving fat loss. Moreover, throwing a few pointers as to how to avoid making our life a lot harder.





Let's think about the *Insert expletive here* Fat we put on in the first place.


We didn't go to sleep one day looking like Xena: Warrior Princess and wake up the next day looking like Jabba the Hut.


'Holy crap, I must of eaten a slice of pie too many! Mega lols I'm so silly.'


It was much more of a gradual process, without making any real conscientious effort in trying to gain weight. But we know that it is -


Being that little bit less active because of the new job.


Having just a couple more glasses of wine than we used to.


Working out just one less day than we used to.


It was small changes here and there - consistently - which set the gears in motion to gradually store fat over time. Until one day...


'Ahhh tiddlywinks. I don't like where this is going.'


So in some sense, the opposite effect is true. We cut back just a few of those glasses, walk just a little more, knock the training up just a gear. - consistently - and before you know it. We see positive changes.


But that doesn't happen does it? Because we get ourselves all spooled up to really attack this thing. 'Once and for all!' We want it now. We totally over cook it and we are not consistent.




Personally? I do not advocate 'dieting'


Dieting implies restriction, banned foods, can't have this can't have that. So all we are left with is salad. - It's not the right mentality, nor the solution.


Here's what you should do. Use a super-simple portioning guide.

Credit: Precision Nutrition


This guide is for ladies. Guys? just double the portion.


You needn't get into the super technical fancy stuff If you haven't mastered the basics. So don't worry about nutrient timing, creatine, or minute macro percentages right now.


This guide enables you to master the basics and gain a feel for what works for you. Once you have established this simple pattern, only then can you start to ask more complex questions. So don't get ahead of yourself.


It is simple to implement. Plus this template will answer most of your shopping questions for you.


It get's you eating real, whole food. Not crap, not cheap supplements. Real food is where it's at.


It keeps us away from counting calories too. But before I get lamented, I'm not saying calorie counting is not effective, it is highly effective. However, you need to get on top of the basics first. And you may just find you never need to count calories at all.


It also prevents you from undercutting yourself too much. Cutting calories too low is tantamount to putting it all back on again. I'd hedge a bet that's precisely what some of you are trying to avoid.


Aside from the long term Fat Loss hinderance of cutting too low, it really doesn't support a good training session. Which you'll see is extremely important.





​When you're just starting out again, or even for the first time. You don't need to go in there all guns blazing, trying to arm wrestle Thor until he taps out.

Slow the f*** down.


Build it up, get your body gradually used to chucking itself around and picking up heavy stuff. Once you have eased into this stride. Then you can really turn it up.


You'll need to.


One of the most effective forms of training for Fat Loss is a combination of resistance training with high volume and HIIT protocol cardio.


NB: High volume is not to be confused with intensity. High volume lifting is all about lifting as many reps as possible with short rest periods.


E.G. 4 Sets of 12 reps of multipoint exercises (Squats, deadlifts, rows, push ups) with 60-90 seconds rest.


You're not lifting particularly heavy weight for each rep, but the total amount of weight lifted across every rep is high.


Couple that with Supersets - Back to back exercises - E.G. Mountain Climbers, And you're onto a winner.


That's all really hard work. So it behooves you to make sure you don't cut out food groups from your diet, or as mentioned above cutting too low. Then your body can function at its best and provide you energy. All while keeping you in a fat burning zone.

Everybody is different


These are cornerstones, all you really need to do is tweak things here and there over time. Feel like the food is a little too much? Trim off the portions a little. Training is way too much to handle and you feel like you're going to crap out a spleen? Tone it down a smidge with slightly longer rest periods.


But despite all this. Don't kid yourself. You have to be consistent. You must have a word with yourself even in the face of totally legitimate reasons for 'needing to miss training'.


Ask yourself: Do you really need to skip a week or two? Or a better question might be, is the 6-months-from-now-me going to be mad at you?


If you want to go the extra mile


I can help you achieve your fat loss goals ahead of Christmas through my Online Fitness Programme. It is an exciting new way to get all the professional advice and coaching from anywhere in the world.


All delivered through a free App, Skype calls and email. It is the cost effective way to get the full whammy personal training experience.


Ask for more details :-)


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