Honestly, I just made Band Resisted Squats into an acronym for the sake of keeping the title short 'n' sweet.


And click bait-y ;-)



Band Resisted Squats




They're just like your regular old squats. Only you chuck a resistance band into the mix. But that's grossly oversimplified.


I'd be slightly irresponsible not to stress that good squats are technically challenging to achieve. Plus, requires a fair amount of practice and guidance to truly nail them.


So let's assume you've got all of that down.


  • ​You've identified your ideal foot position based on your hip anatomy.

  • You have the requisite dorsiflexion in the ankle.

  • You can maintain a strong and ideal spinal position.

  • The requisite active/passive mobility through the hip musculature.

  • The ability to distribute force through the correct part of the feet.

  • The bar path is in the right position. Ideally juuuust in front of the ankle joint.

  • You can fire up the posterior chain to contribute to the movement.


If any one of those points furls the brows. Then we ought to hang out :-)


Front Squat? Back Squat? Landmine Squat? Goblet Squat? Blindfolded Machine Gun Wielding Squat?


Any squat variation is going to work its 'Glute Magic'. But of course, different squats are going to have different pros and cons.


Also - Everybody's favourite answer - The prolific 'It depends' comes into its own once again.



I know. I know.


To keep it really simple. I'm going to straight up recommend the Goblet Squat. In other words, a squat with an anterior load.


You could do -


  • A single Dumbbell or Kettlebell held just in-front of your chest.

  • Two dumbbells held in a shoulder-press-start position.

  • One Dumbbell or Kettlebell in the same position, for an off-set challenge.

  • Your grandma. (Ask first)


Why I recommend a front loaded squat -


  • It's easier to sit back and groove the ideal squat pattern.

  • As a corollary, it becomes easier to use the glutes in the movement.

  • It fires up your anterior core big time, in order to stabilise the load.

  • You don't have to wait for a squat rack to be available.

  • It's safer if you ever get stuck in a hole, you can bail way easier.


You won't end up like this guy.



Why I recommend Band Resisted Squats -



It would be incorrect to assume that to get extraordinary, above average results, we need to make all our exercises strangely unique and complex.


Seriously, the simple stuff works. Do it consistently.


Stuff to make sure you're doing.


  • ​Grab the load firmly and hold it just in-front of your chin

  • Assume optimal squat stance

  • Push the floor apart with your feet

  • Maintain the knee alignment by pushing against the band

  • Smooth controlled descent

  • Sit back like you're reaching for a chair

  • Smooth and powerful upward drive

  • Don't lock the knees

  • Don't wait around at the top, initiate the next rep


Here's how it should look.



Give it a test drive and see how you get on. If you want to get some personalised scrutiny then feel free to send me a video of your attempt.


What about two Dumbbells?






What about a single dumbbell offset load, for increased core demands?





What about your grandma?


I couldn't actually get a picture of this one, because my grandma said -


"I don't feel like it."


Fair enough hey?


Let's wrap it up


Give them all a test drive and let me know how you get on.

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