Why Appreciation transforms your fitness

June 23, 2017

Without meaning to state the obvious, yeah, it's hot today.


And I love it.


I know for most, it is a case of lamenting across social media. Oh how much they loath work and just want to go home.


To be honest, does the heat really make that much difference to the fact, that they just don't want to be at work? I can't possibly know but, I doubt it. It's just a nice excuse and a warranty to moan.


All this rolls fluidly into the point I'm about to hammer home. Let's imbibe these sage words from Tony Robbins.


"Trading your expectations for appreciation will change your world completely."


Now I want to state for the record, that no. I do not believe that if you simply think positive, or follow a wishy washy quote, then your whole life will transform into a bed of roses. Just like that.


That riches will flow to you.


That goals will fall into your lap.


You'll be simultaneously married to your top 7 celebrities without problems.

You get my point. It isn't how it all works and I get that. However, let's just apply the aforementioned quote to relevancy.


Your fitness, and your health.


I've seen it happen numerous times over the years. Whereby expectations for did not match up to the reality. A classic one, begins when people gain that mental traction behind the scenes.

  • They see people that have a certain body and desire it.

  • They see 6-12 week transformations and long to do the same.

  • They see videos of people doing awesome things.

They start to build themselves up.


'I'm gonna do it, it's gonna happen, I'm gonna whoop my butt into the gym and go for it.'


A hell of a lot of people do this, or have done this at some point in time. And it's great. It's taking action, which starts you on a positive and rewarding journey.


There are caveats you must recognise.


6-12 weeks later, they have been busting their balls and they have made but a discernible change.


Perhaps they didn't expect to transform like those people in adverts but, not to even be half way?


How deflating.


Thus they conclude that it just isn't for them and proceed give up. Retreating back to their favourite comfort foods of Ben & Jerry's and Dorito's.


Please see this 3 second video, as it enables me to accentuate my feelings on this.


So, there you have it.


But what went wrong? It could be numerous things.


  • Didn't do the research

  • Didn't select the right exercise protocol

  • Over trained

  • Under trained

  • Poor nutrition

  • Poor rest periods

  • Poor sleep

  • Too close to the summer solstice


That's all fine. You're not supposed to just be an expert, you work at these things.


The problem lies in the effect of expectations being off par with the reality. Which commonly leads to mental defeat and giving up.


'I thought if I just go to the gym and pick up whateverthefuck 4 days a week, it'll work'

 It's this mentality that doesn't hold problem-solving-thought-processes. Those 'experts' you see around at the moment, are still applying the 'solve the next problem/obstacle' game.


We should be thinking more to the tune of -


"I'm totally going to go at this, but, if I run into any stubborn areas, I'll do my research and find the solution."


The appreciation part.


I think it is really important, to stop and appreciate where you are, what you're able to do, and the opportunity you have to make these things even better.


Let me put it to you this way.


It isn't a rarity, to find that person who doesn't look after themselves quiiiite as well as they might like. They just let themselves go, they lack self respect and they lose touch with the special things in life.


Couple of years later, they arrive at this "I'm going to make changes" point, and supposedly, the way to do that is exercise more and eat less. (More on why that is not the best idea, here ==> How to Eat More & Lose Weight


You have to appreciate yourself.


If a lack of self respect, was a principle ingredient to your lack of fitness and health.


How in gods name are you supposed to succeed in your pursuits, without self respect?


You don't get more of it, the fitter you get, it isn't how it works.


You have to stop and appreciate not just yourself, but the opportunities and the world around you. You have to have a genuine heart for yourself.

Please tell me one good reason, why you should not? Another thing on this - which is potentially pivotal - is that self respect comes from one place, and one place only.





You decide, if you have respect for the one, ultimate gift in life.




It cannot come from the fitness/asethetics goals you achieve.

The riches you earn.

The people around you.

The bloody trees that grow from the earth.


Besides, did you really think a human body, with all it's unfathomable complexity, only required such a black and white, simple solution?

 So don't be so hard on yourself when things don't quite go to expectation

sometimes, find a solution.


This is yet another piece of the 360 degree puzzle, that encompasses health and fitness. It is foolhardy not to apply it.


Get out there, enjoy the sun, appreciate the warmth on the soul and kick loads of ass.




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