Sick of headaches? Have you tried this?

June 2, 2017

Today, I'm making a case for magnesium.


And a damn good one at that.


I'm also going to suggest how you can imbibe the stuff effectively and deliciously.


Let's begin


I don't want to go full nerd here, I also don't want to sound like every other infographic which inundates you with super convenient sounding solutions that you don't really understand.


A bit like this.



I mean, what is this shit?


I could go full blown polemic about pre-workout supplements right about now, but that's beyond todays scope.


So, you'll see similar wording - Albeit less genital-swinging-machoism - on vitamin and mineral supplements. They basically say 'Take this and your fatigue/headache/problems are solved'


They never are though, are they?


The point is this.


Why take supplements, when the real thing is available?


The real thing being wholesome foods. I feel the main reason must be 

convenience/lack of knowledge. We normally resort to:


Refined/processed foods (Microwave meals, junk, snacks etc)

Supplements (not all are bad mind you, but the vast majority are)


Truth is, when you adopt convenience and shortcuts with respect to your own body's petrol and oil, you will be short changed.


Buy crappy oil for a car? Shorter engine life. Things gunge up, splutter sooner, lose performance and generally just become a liability over time.


Thing is, we humans are in the business of rocking this planet for 60, 70, 80, 90 years. We want high quality years.

Not scraping through the last moments of this domain like a drenched chicken.


It only takes a minute chipping away, the tiniest of damage, to be magnified by 60+ years and it'll present itself to be rather problematic.


Not for me, thanks.


The typical problems associated with magnesium deficiency are so common that they're often overlooked.


Headache? Take a pain killer.


Persistently sore muscles? Deal with it.


Lack of energy? Do you even know the difference?


These are just the early warning signs. Extreme deficiency gets REALLY ugly.

Did you see the bit about the important role magnesium plays towards

carbohydrate metabolism? No surprise you have rubbish energy levels.


For the majority of people who are unknowingly a little bit low on this mineral, they'll be enduring super soft versions, or precursors of the above symptoms.


You know when you can just about feel a cold coming on? Like that.


Not many of us get to the point of extreme, but a lot of us, are always running 
inefficiently low.


How likely is it, that I'm low?


Pretty likely.


57% of the US population does not meet the RDA of magnesium. That's over 150 million people. In a society very similar to our own.


In the UK, magnesium deficiency is in the top four most common deficiencies. Alongside Calcium. Which is funny actually, since the UK consume so much milk, wouldn't we get enough?


Ahhhhh see. Now that's a whole-nother, humungous ball of wax I won't get into today :)


Let's just highlight how good (Yeah, right.) an RDA really is. (Recommended Daily Allowance)


I ripped this from a book called The Optimum Nutrition Bible from Patrick Holford, a leading authority on nutrition in the UK.

Aptly titled, The Vitamin Scandal.


So, even if you happen to be one of those people who diligently works to obtain ALL the RDA's that the government sets out.. (I doubt any of you do)


You're still short!


Look at magnesium, i'll bet most of us don't even get 25% of what would be optimal.


Given that you're all on a mailing list for fitness and health, we need to consider that being active and training hards means we need, yup. Even more.


A simple, yummy solution.


I like this because it isn't a manufactured chemical, it isn't mickey mouse food, it's the real deal. It is not only highly nutrient dense with good bioavailability (The body makes good use of it) but it is versatile and tasty.


A magnesium supplement pill is about as tasty and versatile as a shoe.




Raw Cacao Powder. Yes there is also some Maca powder, which is also awesome and actually, complements the flavour of raw cacao really well.


I mix them both into my cereal, every morning, without fail. As well as hot chocolates, energy bites and homemade nutella - An absolute banger that my good friend Laura dished out on her website. Kudos Laura.


Also, a banana bread recipe.


NB: My writing style has somewhat evolved since I posted that recipe, but ride it out! There's some mad sauce in there.


Izzy, my longest standing client, tends to ask me why I've always got so much energy. Now you know Izzy ;)


My. Would you just look at that nutritional profile for 100g of the stuff. It 

smashes it.


- Your muscle recovery is going to improve drastically

- Your concentration, mood and focus is going to rise

- You're I-can't-be-arsed-itis is going to vanish

- Your headaches are likely going to disappear


Case dismissed


I remember just a few weeks ago, it was a particularly busy day. I woke up late morning, had to go out for a family meal, then over to the opposite side of Reading, then over to teach a class how to wrestle grizzly bears, back again, here, there, everywhere.


I actually missed my usual breakfast in trying to capitalise on my only opportunity to have a little lay in.


Come 4-5pm, I had this banger of a headache, so I drunk copious amounts of water. Which usually does the trick.


Not this time, it persisted and persisted. It caused me to brainstorm. I was asking myself..


'I never get headaches, certainly not after hydrating myself so much. What gives.'


Light bulb moment


I very quickly put a level tablespoon of raw cacao into some hot water, stirred it in and necked it.


Within 10 minutes, the headache vanished. I'm not making it up, or exaggerating.

Finally I could go put my favourite pyjamas on, grab big ted, and hit the hay.


Because Magnesium.


Want some recipe ideas for raw cacao? Hit reply.


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