This is why you're not 'Gym' consistent

May 8, 2017

 "Ok, see you later hunny-bun, I have to go to the gym. Ugh."


"What's up?"


"Oh I don't know, it's such a chore, but I have to do it! And I know i'll be able to trudge through it forever and ever until happily ever after! Easy."


Sounds ridiculous, right? Well I bet you my underpants that this is kind of what happens.


A lot.


You can't honestly say to yourself that you'll keep this chore up indefinitely. We are all planning on spending a bit of our sweet time on this planet, so realistically you're asking yourself to 'chore away' for decades.


Don't kid yourself.


What's the answer?


Well, for a start you need to love what you do. You need to make that environment you chose to train in, something that you can't wait to do!


You need to make it realistic, too. However I think there's one big ingredient that is always consistent with those who never seem to stop exercising in some form or another.


The gym compliments something you love.


Did you used to do dance a few years ago and absolutely adored it?


That's a great excuse to start that up again, perhaps once per week alongside your new gym sessions? This way, when you come to certain road blocks at dance such as leg strength/control, you immediately know what to focus on at the gym.


Almost like magic it no longer feels like a chore, as you're doing it to compliment something you love. In this case, dance.


What else is there?


There are so many different adventures you could explore. You're literally spoiled for choice. My personal favourites are martial arts and fighting bad guys.


- Dance (Tons of variety here)

- Martial arts (There's tons of varieties of this, too. Several of my clients do this.)

- Indoor/outdoor rock climbing (One of my clients does this.)

- Athletics (Yet more variations within)

- Yoga (Several of my clients do this, too.)

- Gymnastics

- Acrobatics

- Calisthenics (Body weight training)

- Free running/Parkour

- Netball/Basketball/Football/Rugby/Hockey/Roller hockey etc etc etc

- Grizzly bear wrestling

- Chainsaw juggling


You get this gist.


Don't tell me that nothing of the above, or anything else you can think of doesn't appeal.


But I'm not fit enough to start this yet.


You're shooting yourself in the foot, you're not supposed to make a certain 'grade' of fitness to be able to start any type of class. These instructors go well out of their own way to ensure that it is beginner friendly.


How else are they supposed to get new people joining and staying? It would kill the business!


Not starting because you're not fit enough.... That's like saying to a 5 year old -


"Right, well you're not starting school this year because you're not smart enough yet."

Einstein didn't even start talking until he was 4, does that mean he should of been delayed to start his education? Hell nope.


Nobody does that. You just start! This usually happens.

Don't start? How can you enjoy any success?


Sure, some people are slightly better positioned to start than others. Like some 5 year olds are just a little bit more/less 5 year-oldish than others.


But it doesn't matter. You just need to start.


Why does longevity matter?


Because longevity kinda makes it hard for you to maintain a 'Stop/Start' approach to fitness and health.


Holiday soon? Train for 6 weeks, let it all go again.

Christmas just happened? Train for 6 weeks, let it all go again.

A meteor is going to strike earth next month and everything will perish?


Train for 6 weeks, let it all go again.


Knock it off, will you?

The solution is to adopt a 'dial' approach to health and fitness.


A dial that runs from 1-10. No zero of course!


2-3 on the dial?


"I've just changed jobs, I get hardly anytime for myself juggling everything between work and family, lots of events and travel coming up."


2-3 on the dial means you can't train 3-4 times per week, but you'll take it down to once per week. Walk a little more so you can de-stress and try to maintain a decent level of nutrition.

At least this way you don't take any steps backwards.


8-9 on the dial?


"Everything has just fallen into place. Work is awesome, my family is going so smoothly, life is good and I have plenty of time for me"


8-9 on the dial means you can hit it up to 3-5 times per week of training. Food prep and nutrition which is on point and plenty of rest in-between.


Plus! The training I am doing is something I love. That way I WANT to train!


Life is always just, happening. So when the going gets tough, if you have a training plan that you adore, it is much more likely you stay the course.

Loath it? You'll fall back into the 'Start/Stop' regime.


You know, the one that sucks and doesn't yield any results.


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