One big reason why most don't succeed at fitness

April 25, 2017

Because you fail to eat 7.3 pink lady apples at 4:39pm every day, whilst juggling ming dynasty tea pots and rapping Kumbaya.

Yep. That's it.




Because we kind of like, you know. Approach it a little bit wrong? Let's talk about a bunch of reasons which catch us all out, and dive right on into some actionable solutions.


Are you training for life? Or a big time competition?


You can't confuse the two, but a lot of us? Do.


Most of us just want to look and feel gooood. Is that so much to ask? It really isn't.


It feels like it though. Have you ever decided to put on your big boy pants, diligently research the best programmes, buy ourselves brand new gym kit as a form of pre-emptive reward/motivation, get our asses down to the gym and crush it? Eat all the right foods - To the best of our knowledge - Get 2 months down the line and barely anything has changed?


You're counting the calories

You're tracking the macros

You're borderline causing MyFitnessPal to crash

You're studying the top weight smashing bonanza programmes

You're gyming 4-6 times per week

You're aching like crap after every work out

You're sleeping 8 hours a night

You're offering sacrifices to the gods every 2nd Wednesday of the month


Are you SURE you're doing all of those things correctly?


More to the point, is all that really necessary for you personally?


For somebody who is training for a big competition, this is likely the sort of base level of diligence required. Even more in most cases. I've been there, I've trained hard for multiple international level Taekwon-Do competitions, including 2 European Championships.


If you're training just to look and feel good about yourself and move better. If you're training for life, you don't need to go to town on it. Especially when most of the time we give up after 2 months!


What's the point in that? 


What may be hugely beneficial, is to peruse these particular words.


"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."


Einstein is a certified badass.


Think about habits


If you can get a habit to stick, you no longer need to think about it. Which is pretty handy mind you. Here's some examples.


Habit #1

Make it to the gym, twice per week every week. Anything extra is a bonus.


Habit #2

Drink 2 litres of water every day, with only one day per week where you're allowed to miss it.


Habit #3

Eat whole, unprocessed foods 6 days per week, with one day where you're allowed to miss it.


Habit #4

Win a real life Hunger Games.


Most of the time, when people chase habit based goals instead of counting calories, everything just seems to take care of itself. There's also an ingenious way to make your meals without having to count everything. More on that below.


The same thing happens with training, when you set yourself a target, say. Achieving pull ups for reps. The aesthetic goals tend to fall in line as you progress.

 My client Karina is doing just that, and things are coming along nicely.


You could even set physical habits around that goal, for example.


Habit #1

In-between each set of whateverthefuck, I go and hang from a bar for as long as I can.


Setting habits is one thing, setting the right habits is also key.


You can't set up a habit which doesn't ultimately align with the goal. If you're looking to tone up, but your habit is to run on the treadmill for 2 hours before or after an hour long workout, that is tantamount to trying to cure malaria with plutonium.


It's not going to cut the mustard.


Ok, a bit extreme.


There are an infinite number of programmes you could potentially design with the endless amounts of different exercise variables.


Why guess?


Why follow some IG butt cheek workout when you haven't any idea if this is truly the right exercise for you? Or if it is actually going to work?


Sure, it might work. That's not good enough though, is it?


I'm not fully hating on those exercise videos, they have their time and their place.


Get the right advice is all I'm saying. Nobody blindly follows financial investments because it worked for X guy/gal. You need to approach it the same.


Truthfully speaking, more often that not it is the plain ol' vanilla exercises, done consistently with progressive overload, which yield the best results.


You don't need to do some sort of spectacular exercise because you want spectacular results.

 If you're training to look better, feel more confident and be stronger -


Then you're training for life, you don't need to mould yourself to a crazy short term super-HIIT-amazeballs-insane training programme, fail, and subsequently decide you're not good enough.


You just picked the wrong approach, that's all.


Habits is all I'm saying.


Remember I mentioned an ingenious way to get your food right without all the hassle? Sign up to the mailing list below and we'll talk :)

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